May. 26th, 2017

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And here we are!
It’s May 26th, 7 pm GMT…

You all know what that means, right?

Prompting is officially >>OPEN<< !!


If your fingers are already itching, you can immediately follow the link to our Prompting Form and leave as many SHINee prompts as you want!
And for all of you who want to read some example prompts again, we have prepared some for you this time as well! (These are only examples and do not have to influence you in any way)
So here we go:

Bad Prompt #1:
Minho likes his college professor Jinki.

-> There is barely any information. What do you want to happen? The prompt should be a little more specific.


Bad Prompt #2:
Minho really likes his college professor Jinki, who teaches advanced economics every Friday from 8 to 10 AM at his college in Incheon that is located on a small hill. Minho is always really bored in that class but his eyes always fall on the professor and he swears that Jinki, who is so handsome!, keeps looking back at him with those brown eyes, so after class he stays to listen where the professor will be heading. After getting that information he changes buildings to reach the library where he waits between some bookshelves. When his professor finally comes, he keeps watching him until he takes a turn to a very quiet and secluded section of the library. Then he takes a deep breath and confronts him…

-> Far too much information. Too many details and comments that make it tedious to follow the prompt. Sometimes less is better and gives more freedom to the writer! J


Good Prompt #3:

Minho has a problem. He has fallen in love with his college professor Jinki and that’s already scandalous enough. However, he swears that he catches the professor glance back at him from time to time. So Minho makes up his mind, and confronts the young professor in a quiet corner of the library.

->Enough information but not too much. J


Okay, enough of that for now!
Let’s get to the important stuff!
Prompting will be open till June 25
th, 7 pm GMT. That leaves you with some time to get in as many prompts as you can think of! Any SHINee pairing, including fem!slash, hetero pairings and crossovers is welcome! Any kind of AU is welcome
Just stick to our guidelines stated in the Prompting Manual! Thank you.



Have fun and GO WILD!

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