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2017-06-25 06:11 pm
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Prompting [CLOSED]


 Prompting is now officially [CLOSED]


That’s it! We have now closed Prompting for Round 3 of Colorful World! Thank you so much for all the amazing prompts you have send us!
We are truly happy that you decided to be a part of this and participated : )
The Mods are really grateful!
Because without you, this would not be possible!

Next up are our writers! And those who want to become one or just want to try their hand at writing out a prompt into a wonderful story!

> 27th June: Prompt Archive is revealed

> 28th June: Claiming starts!


With claiming starting at Wednesday next week, you will have 106 days to complete your work for this fest!
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We would also like to encourage everyone who has never participated before or who has not yet written a story before.
The Mods are completely convinced that you would rock this! And if anything comes up, we are there to help you through it!


So, once again, thank you for participating and those lovely SHINee prompts! We can’t wait to see them get claimed ;)

See you guys on Tuesday when we reveal the Archive!!

Mod K & Y