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We present: Colorful World Round 3!

Mod K and Y are here to announce that Colorful World will have a third Round coming right your way!
And don't worry, if this is your first-time hearing about a fic fest - we will answer all your questions and hope that we might be able to welcome you on board of our 3rd journey!

We are a fanfic fest centred around SHINee and their five members Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin. 

For general information you can refer to our FAQ post [HERE]!

Furthermore, we have compiled some general rules applying to the fic fest. Any rule breaking will not be tolerated.

1) This is a SHINee fic fest. Any SHINee OTP is welcome as well as any OT3, OT4, or OT5. But please keep in mind that the main focus should be on the boys.

2) We won’t accept any prompts or fanfictions containing noncon/dubcon content or extreme paedophilia. Keep in mind that we also won’t accept any discrimination against a member or any discrimination regarding race, religion or sexual orientation.

3) Any prompt that has sensitive content must be labelled as such. This includes material like character death, age gap, gore or heavy kinks. We will repeat this again in our prompting post.

4) No plagiarism will be tolerated.

5) Please do not talk about your prompts/claims on social networking accounts. Any fic will be posted anonymously before the ‘reveals’-post will be uploaded. This will make the experience more unique! Talking about the fic fest is, however, very much appreciated!

6) The minimum word count for your work is 1000 words. If you need an extension or if you need to drop out, please inform us Mods as soon as you can.

7) You can stay anonymous as prompter and writer, however you need at least one social network account (twitter, dreamwidth, asianfanfics, ao3, tumblr, livejournal) and a valid E-mail address so the Mods can contact you.

8) Any additional information will be given with the corresponding post (prompting post, claiming post, submission guidelines)

Thank you!
We really hope that after the first two successful Rounds we will be able to deliver yet another wonderful experience for both Readers and Writers alike ^o^
We are already looking forward to that!
Mods K & Y can't wait for all of your ideas, your prompts, your works and our general communication! If any issue rises up, you can message us anytime.
We hope that we can greet new participants this time again too! 


The schedule will be uploaded in a separate post.
Till then!
Get your first ideas ready ;) 

Colorful World Round 3 will start at May 26th! Right after SHINee Day! 

- Mod K & Y 

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