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And here we go!
Today is a very special Day ;)
It’s SHINee Day!! So happy 9th Anniversary! Let’s keep on supporting the guys in the future as well! They give us so much, and they will only try to give us more ~
So let’s work as hard as them!
Fighting! ^^

Regarding our Fest, we want to provide you with a Prompting Manual for all of you who are participating for the first time, and for those who just want to ensure that they are well prepared ;)

First things first!
Prompting will be done via a Google Form that ModK will provide for you tomorrow, May 26th at 7 pm GMT! With this form we will be able to collect all of your prompts. Please keep in mind that you need a VALID E-mail address if you want to leave a prompt. (Your E-mail address will never be published. We only inquire this as a method to contact you, if there are questions regarding your prompt.)

>> Prompting is open between May 26th 7pm and June 25th 7pm

>> DubCon/NonCon prompts, as well as those advertising extreme paedophilia,  will not be tolerated. We also do not accept any discrimination against a member or any discrimination regarding race, religion or sexual orientation. These prompts will be deleted without further notice.

>> You can leave as many prompts as you want! There is no restriction.

>> You do not need to join as a writer if you leave a prompt! You can decide by yourself if you only want to prompt, only want to write, or do both :)

>> Any SHINee pairing (member/member) is welcome! However, the pairing does not have to consist of two (or more) SHINee members, yet one SHINee member has to be present. So if you want to prompt (for example) Onew/Luna(f(x)) or Onew/Taeyang(BigBang), GO FOR IT! : D (And don’t forget about OT3, OT4 and OT5 ;) )

>> Fem!slash and Hetero pairings are obviously welcome!

>> AUs in any kind can be included as well! University!AU, HarryPotter!AU, Wolf!AU, ABO!AU, Fantasy Aus in any kind, Vampire!AU… let your imagination run wild!

>> You can choose to be an “anonymous prompter”, which means that even if you leave your username in the google form for us, we will not publish it on Reveal’s Day.

>> Please keep in mind to include all your warnings at the beginning of your prompt text summary if your prompt is tagged with ‘trigger warning’ 
>[Warning: self-harm, abusive relationship] Onew has been trying to hide his misery for many years….. <

Okay! That seems like a long list, but most of these things are self-explanatory anyway, right?
Below, you can find a picture of the Google form that you will find tomorrow in our Prompting Post!
If you have any questions regarding the form, or if you are uncertain about anything, please contact us anytime!



Thanks guys! See you tomorrow!!

Mods K&Y




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