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Hello there!

We are finally able to announce the Schedule for Round 3!

Are you guys as excited as us? Because we are hyped and can't wait to get this started! And without further ado, here are the dates we have settled on.

§  26th May [7 pm GMT]  -  Prompting starts 


§  25th June [7 pm GMT]  -  Prompting closes


§  27th June [7 pm GMT]  -  Prompt Archive reveal


§  28th June [7 pm GMT]  -  Claiming starts


§  28th June – 8th September – Writing period


§  1st - 6th August  -  Informal check-in period


§  27th August [7 pm GMT]  -  Claiming closes


§  4th - 8th September  -  Submission period


§  8th September  -  Final submission day


§  16th - 22nd September  -  Posting period


§  23rd September  -  Reveals 


And that's it! Our writing period will last for 106 days this time ;)

We will handle this like the last two Rounds and gather all of your lovely prompts via a Google Form. We will update our webpages with guides regarding prompting and claiming again as well. So no worries if this is your first time participating! We Mods have your back!

Don't hesitate to contact us if any questions come up!

Prompting starts on May 26th!
Until then!


Let's keep shining everyone ^o^


-Mod K&Y

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