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And now we present you…. The Prompt Archive for Colorful World Round 3!!
We have gathered a total of 249 prompts for this Round!
Thank you so much guys, you worked really hard ^o^


Now it’s time to call out to all of you writers out there or those who want to try their hand and become one!
Claiming will start tomorrow, June 28th at 7 pm GMT and will happen through a google form that will ask:

  • For a valid E-Maill address.
    We will sent you your claim confirmation to this address, as well as any questions that might arise so please choose an Email that you check often or at least from time to time
  • For a username.
    (aff, lj, tumblr, dreamwidth, ao3, twitter) We will publish the fic under your username on reveals day.
  • Anonymous option.
    Tick this if you don’t want your username to be revealed on reveals day.
  • For Prompt choice 1&2.
    You are not obligated to fill out a second choice, this is just a possibility to get your second favourite prompt in case the first is already taken. Prompts are claimed by first come first serve policy.


That’s all you need to know for now! If you want to check out the prompts then you can just follow the link below to the archive!
And if you see a prompt you want to claim, be ready to send in a claiming request through our google form tomorrow at 7 pm GMT! (Claiming will be open until 27th of August)


>> LINK <<

Have a good day! Mod K&Y

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